On the September 9 (taped August 29)

27. Oktober 2013

34 is the Architect’s arc number. Being Watched: This is a frequent phobia played on by Fears, especially the Eye. Body Horror: Another frequent phobia played on. On the September 9 (taped August 29), 1998 episode of ECW Hardcore TV, Tommy Dreamer was in a gauntlet match against Lance Wright’snote Former host of the „Hype Central“ segments who had become part of the pro High Quality Fake Hermes https://www.cheapbeltr.com WWF side in 1997 1998 before that feud faded out stable of „Dastardly“ Danny Doring, Jack Victory, „The Canadian Tiger“ Mike Lozansky and the Equalizernote Not the same guy who had been Kevin Sullivan’s dyslexic „brother“ Dave Sullivan in WCW., with the intention of getting revenge for New Jack, whom Victory had put out of action with a ripped groin. Dreamer was fighting against all four guys as best he could until it became obvious that he was outnumbered. With Dreamer down, Doring got on the mic and talked about how he’s the best looking guy in the locker room, the most hardcore and the best dancer, and decided to prove it by dancing to his theme, Soul Coughing’s „Super Bon Bon“ playing.

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