Brutal Honesty: Light’s preferred method of dealing with

22. März 2014

The fate of those unable to enter the Summerlands. Full Name Basis: Unlike the rest of the pantheon, the Slave King almost always addresses them by their name and title, something which confuses them. Eventually he explains that he learned this behavior during his time as a slave. Brutal Honesty: Light’s preferred method of dealing with others when he’s not faking his way through life. Byronic Hero: L and Light Canon Foreigner: Shiori who appears in the Death Note live action movies. Also B from the spin off Prequel Another Note Casual Kink: Light claims that his calling himself „God“ is just a sex kink and he doesn’t really have a God complex. Hyper Awareness: The reason Christopher says he doesn’t like new places or people: he has no filters and can’t help but notice every little detail about the environment around him, down to the smell of a policeman’s aftershave and the vents in his teacher’s shoes. It doesn’t help that he has a self described Photographic Memory. Hypocrite: Christopher frequently derides normal people for being illogical, although much of what he does is equally illogical.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Kyan uses insect Cheap Valentino Bags mounts. War against Kyan will be similar. Cassandra Truth: Darkfall killed most of seers. Schizo Tech: Technology et cetera seems to range from the middle ages to a sci fi future (the Big Bad is apparently a space traveller, but lives in a mediaeval tower). Slapstick Knows No Gender Surrounded by Idiots Those Two Bad Guys: Bad Bat Batty. Villain Episode: „Ooze Busters“, which focuses on Those Two Bad Guys and doesn’t feature the heroes at all. Attack Its Weak Point The only way to kill an Ancient is by destroying its „core“, which acts as a sort of brain/heart for the creature. Eldritch Abomination The Ancients. Humanoid Abomination One Ancient has taken the form of a man. Pinball Zone: At one point during the „Buster’s Sky Jinks“ level, Buster reaches a pinball temple, which he must climb up to collect an important item Calamity Coyote left at the top. If Buster collects all the colored balls, then pinball flippers will appear, which can help him on his way up. When Buster does reach the top, the item is revealed to be the script for the next episode, which leads to the final level of the game Replica Hermes Birkin.

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